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Rescue Stories


Ashley was a sad little waif that had been discovered in a garbage dumpster in Wooster Ohio. She had been placed in a pillow case and thrown away like trash. The garbage men discovered her and turned her in to the Wooster County Animal Shelter. Horribly emaciated and with her spirit completely broken, this little dog was not considered adoptable, so the shelter called Ratbone Rescues. Continue reading

Mad Max Ratbone

Mad Max came to us through a phone call from a local animal shelter. The shelter worker, who knows me as a Rat Terrier rescuer, told me that a vicious Rat Terrier had been found as a stray. The shelter worker who brought him in had to corner him and use the pole with the loop on the end to bring him in. They thought he should be put down immediately but wondered if I wanted to see him just in case... Continue reading
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