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My Dogs & Me at the Beach

My Dogs & Me at the Beach

I am a dog lover and a Rat Terrier rescuer. Our models are rescue dogs being fostered in our home. Many are available for adoption. Check back frequently for their story and to see where they go. A portion of every sale goes to help shelter dogs reach foster homes and to pay for their veterinary care.

Make your dog the envy of the dog park. Contact Puppy Posh of Portland, OR to create an elegant collar and leash for your special pooch.

Ratbone RescueThe majority of all proceeds to Puppy Posh goes to pay the expenses of rescued dogs. If you see a dog on our site that you would like more information on, please go to Ratbone Rescues at www.ratbonerescues.com. Also, if you would like to help us rescue and provide vet care to these wonderful animals, there is a donation button at that site. Thank you for helping us save these wonderful dogs.

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